Welcome to Newbury Yacht Club, the home of sailing in Newbury Berkshire

Newbury Yacht Club is a club with an ethos of combining sailing and socialising. We’re affiliated to the Royal Yachting Association and are extremely proud to have celebrated our 50th anniversay in 2019.

We hold regular water-based events; sailing in the Solent for our weekend rallies and further afield (usually the West Country or northern France) for our annual cruise. Our fleet is often into double figures, which is a pretty good effort for a landlocked Berkshire sailing club!

Newbury Yacht Club Rally Haslar Marina

We have a variety of winter talks with a water or sailing theme, which are hosted at The Newbury Royal British Legion.

We also organise a variety of sailing related training for our members, with agenda based on demand.

If you have an interest in leisure boating (either sail or power), own your own boat, are looking to crew on someone else’s boat, or just attend our winter talks, this could be the perfect club to join.

For more information about the club please visit our about page.

Our Next Events
  • Professor Mike Tipton - "Cold Water Immersion: Kill or Cure?" - 11th Nov 2021

    Professor Mike Tipton will describe the hazards associated with immersion in cold water as well as some of the claimed health benefits associated with open cold water swimming.

  • Frostbite Rally - 12th Feb 2022 13th Feb 2022
  • Spring Rally - 7th May 2022 8th May 2022
Latest News
  • 2022 Rally dates announced
    Provisional dates and general intended locations for the 2022 Rallies have been announced. Further details will be provided as soon as possible. Frostbite Rally; 12th-13th February; Central Solent Spring Rally; 7th-8th May; Eastern Solent Summer Rally; 23rd-24th July; Western Solent Autumn Rally; 17th-18th Sept; Central Solent
  • Barry Pickthall – The Golden Globe Race – Oct-21
    Barry Pickthall, one of the organisers of the 2018 Golden Globe race, gave a very interesting and entertaining talk to begin our 2021-22 Winter Series. The 2018 race marked the 50th anniversary of the original which was won by Robin Knox-Johnston. The rules were largely the same, with equipment matching what had been available for the first race. This meant no GPS, no electronic instruments or self-steering, and no digital cameras. Even i-pods were replaced by cassettes! As expected, it was a tough race for the 18 entrants, with most not making it the full way round.
  • Autumn Rally 2021 – East Cowes
    We had a great turnout of 11 boats and 30 people to our final Rally of the year, which saw us returning to East Cowes. Some boats were particularly keen, and arrived a day early, which was perhaps a good plan considering the low cloud and general misty conditions on the Saturday morning, which kept the Island hidden until at least halfway across the Solent. There was limited wind, which meant most boats resorted to their metal sails for some of the journey, even if a certain Rear Commodore did briefly try to claim that his new

Other News

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